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Outdoor play area

Outdoor play area

Outdoor play

Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a vital part of a child's development and they gain many of their skills and experiences through exploring their natural environment. The outdoor environment, by its very nature, comes with more space and thus more freedom to move around. Complex rules that are needed indoors to maintain safety can also be relaxed so children can explore extremities: moving fast, being loud, allowing water to overflow, climbing higher and getting messier!

At Safehands we have developed two secure outdoor play areas that allow children the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment as well as the chance to use the play equipment provided.

The local area

We are within walking distance of the Valley Gardens and often take the children for walks there to feed the ducks.

The nursery is in a peaceful neighbourhood surrounded by many picturesque homes and gardens, the children enjoy going for short walks around the local area, looking at the variety of plants and wildlife that it has to offer.

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